The Demi-Fine and Fine Jewelry Guide

Our Demi-Fine and Fine Jewelry collections are made with elevated materials for high shine and long-lasting wear. Learn all about how these pieces are made and how to keep them gorgeous for years to come. 

The Fine Jewelry Collection

Our Fine Jewelry collection celebrates the timelessness of our iconic silhouettes and showcases innovative new designs, too. With intricate design details and premium materials like 14k Yellow and White Gold, each of these forever pieces is tailored to bring beauty to every moment. 

14k Gold

Our Fine Jewelry collection is made with solid 14k Gold, which is known for its classic shine and high durability. 14k Gold combines gold with other metals to increase its strength and offers a more affordable price point.

Our Diamonds

Our diamonds are graded using the classic 4Cs:

COLOR: H-J, nearly colorless

There may be subtle undertones of color, but diamonds appear colorless when face up and mounted in a setting.

CLARITY: SI1-SI2, slightly included

This level of clarity may have inclusions, but is clean to the eye.

CUT: Round brilliant, princess, or baguette

CARAT: Varies with each style.

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Caring for Fine Jewelry

Tip 1: Clean using a small amount of gentle hand soap. Rinse with water and dry it with a soft cloth. We don’t recommend using jewelry dips or polishes as they can often contain harsh chemical abrasives. (Pro tip: Our Sparkle and Shine Pen Duo kit is designed to safely cleanse, polish, and enhance the beauty of your Fine Jewelry.)

Tip 2: Remove your jewelry prior to swimming and exercising to maintain its shine. Sweat and body oils naturally build up on your jewelry over time, but they can be removed by using the cleaning steps above. 

Tip 3: When not wearing, we recommend storing it in its pouch or a lined box.

Engagement Collection

Our Engagement Collection features lab grown diamonds. Using lab grown diamonds allows for full control over quality, shape, clarity, and color of the gem. These diamonds also possess the same crystalline structure as mined diamonds. This provides an heirloom-quality alternative, rooted in both industry advancement and gem technology.

The Demi-Fine Jewelry Collection

Features customer-favorite designs, elevated to heirloom status. Made with long-lasting metals like 18k Gold Vermeil and Sterling Silver and genuine stones.

18k Gold Vermeil

Vermeil (pronounced “vehr-may”) is a plating of 18k Yellow Gold over Sterling Silver. Vermeil pieces have more resistance to tarnishing and abrasion, thanks to their solid Sterling Silver base and 2.5 microns of 18k Yellow Gold plating. 

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver offers the ideal balance of durability and shine. We use Sterling Silver which is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, which is stronger than pure silver, making Sterling Silver pieces perfect for long-term wear.

Caring for Demi-Fine Jewelry

Tip 1: We recommend using your jewelry pouch to store jewelry when it is not being worn. To clean your jewelry, rub the jewelry gently with a polishing cloth in one direction. Don’t use products like tissue or paper towels on your jewelry, as they can cause scratching.

Tip 2: A silver cleaner can be used on pure Sterling Silver pieces, but should not be used on 18k Yellow Gold Vermeil pieces. Our Demi-Fine jewelry is treated with an anti-tarnish solution but may wear with time and improper care.

Tip 3: Remove your jewelry when washing your body, swimming, exercising, or cleaning. Try to avoid contact with soaps, perfume, lotion, makeup, hair, and cleaning products. Stones are fragile and can break, crack, or scratch if not handled with care. 

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